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    Christmas Party and Holiday Event Photography for December 2017

    Are you looking for a way to give back to your employees this holiday season? Do you want to make your Christmas party unforgettable? Invite Professional Images Photography to your holiday party and we will take it over the top.



    We offer a wide range of photographic services for any size group, including roaming photography to capture all of the fun and excitement during your event. You get Joseph Rodriguez, a photographer with over 20 years of experience, all to yourself for the evening as he documents your gala. Partygoers can relive their experience for years to come with the availability of online viewing and ordering for your guests. Both photo packages and holiday cards are available, and they are delivered straight to your guests’ doors via the postal service.


    This is always fun and exciting, but you can kick it up a notch with onsite printing photography that allows your guests to take home photos (up to 8x10’s) the same night. We offer green screen technology, a variety of background choices, and photos print in 10 to 30 seconds. This is the perfect way to give back to your employees, with photographs that they will treasure forever.


    Christmas and Holiday Party photography doesn’t have to be stressful. Make your party guests happy with outside the box thinking that makes you unique. Booking dates are filling up quickly, so contact us today!


    Holiday Portraits are always the best gift a Company can give to the employee!


    “Site Selection” Magazine Covers are a Hit in Philadelphia 

    Green Screen Photography and Social Media Services

    Are you looking for a way to be remembered? Trade shows and conventions are busy places, and it is easy to get lost in the crowd. No one who attended the trade show booth for Conway Data Inc. at the Marriot in downtown Philadelphia is going to forget their experience any time soon though. We were able to provide a wonderful and memorable experience for attendees, while placing Conway Data Inc. and their “Site Selection” magazine above the crowd.

    Through the use of green screen technology, social media integration and onsite printing Professional Images Photography helped “Site Selection” steal the show. Visitors to the booth were able to choose between five different backgrounds for their very own Site Selection magazine cover! We recorded their names and email address, and when the 8x10 photo was finished printing we put it in a frame, and put the frame into a plastic sleeve with Conway Data Inc.’s marketing materials. Emails with a branded message were sent straight to the visitor’s inboxes with the magazine photo attached for easy social media sharing.

    It was a fun and exciting time for everyone. The booth was very busy and the staff were able to easily engage and interact with visitors, so much so that engagement was at an all-time high. Leads were created, new business relationships were formed, and email addresses were collected. At the end of the event Conway Data Inc. was provided with a spreadsheet with the email addresses and corresponding images.

    All in all it was a great time and a productive trade show. Social media is so important to take into consideration when marketing your products and services. This is a great way to create buzz, while nurturing, growing and maintaining your client relationships.

    The goal for any company is to maintain clients, build new clients and create excitement in trade show booths and Professional Images Photography delivers

    Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) October 08, 2013 


    Professional Images Photography announces new upgrades for Event Photo Marketing Service.

    Event Photo Marketing and Onsite Printing Photography has new upgrades and Professional Images Photography is excited to share the news.


    Data Collection & Surveys are now integrated. One of the most popular requests has been to add the ability to collect data from users for clients in the form of a short survey prior to uploading. This feature is now available from Professional Images Event Photo Marketing Software. With custom defined question fields where you can collect names, emails, phone numbers or whatever else the client request to be answered. The data is stored to a file and delivered immediately after the event or when the client requests the information.


    Realizing not all Internet connections are not created equal an additional upgrade has been added to upload and queue files in order to eliminate issues that may have occurred on slow and congested networks. What works great on Wi-Fi or direct connection doesn’t’ always work so great on a congested 3G or 4G network at a trade show. Random upload errors and bottlenecks should be a thing of the past, and if the network connection does happen to go down the uploaded files and information won’t be lost and will instead be automatically added to the offline queue.


    Onsite Printing Photography with Social Media uses both traditional photography backgrounds and green screen photography backgrounds that also come with the ability to send a custom email message with the photo attached in addition to a print produced on site. The need for marketing a product, branding a name or engaging a customer at an event or convention is critical and Professional Images Photography has the products that deliver.  


    Social Media Services combined with Onsite Printing Photography.

    Last week I provided not one but two tradeshow booths at the EMC World Las Vegas at The Venetian/ Sands Expo. The client wanted a branding and marketing photo service that woudl go way beyond the traditional photography that just prints onsite. That is where I came in. The first booth used Transformer's Optimus Prime with HASBRO back this project. It was a tremendous hit. The attendee got more tha a photo but also a personal email with the photo attached in the email was the Facebook, Twitter links that increased likes, interaction and produced a viral effect of the product and brand. The 2nd booth was the well know Terminator which was an easy draw. All photos were printed in less than 7 seconds. What makes my service different is the highly trained team, latest digital technology and software that creates the emails and also prints at the same time. Onsite Printing Photography with Social Media is the new way to create leads.


    Corporate and Convention Photography's growing trend towards Social Media

    Recently in Las Vegas I was asked to incorporate yet again the use of Social Media with my photography. When a tradeshow at the Sands was being produced for a Tech company a idea was brought about during the pre con meeting. The thought was how to engage more attendees at a booth to drive more traffic to the client's website. Well this is becoming main stream with any marketing plan of action and why not photography as well.

    Simple enough? Well not so simple but doable. I developed a workflow that allows companies to gather, track and follow up on the attendees who stop by their booth. I can't get into the how as that is propriety but the results are impressive to the client which is what they are looking for. Most tradeshow booths offer giveaways if a business card is left or information is filled out on a card but that ends there. When photography is used it creates a permanent image of the client that is helpful in many marketing applications. One of those is the ability to send a Thank you email filled with information about the product or service and with their photo attached for stopping by which is more personal than an email that will likely just be go straight to the junk folder. Another marketing use is placing the photo on Flickr and giving a card out to the attendee that tells them how to get the photo but would have them go to the companie's website first which increase web traffic which we all know helps SEO. Convention Photography, Onsite Printing Photography and Event Photography are just a few of the services that we offer here at Professional Images Photography that can have Social Media intergrated. Email me if you more information about this service and how we can help you.