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    Corporate Photography's many challenges in todays business world.

    Recently I was covering a convention in San Francisco and was approached by an attendee asking what type of camera I used. I get this from time to time and don't mind. What I often hear is that they either have the same camera or they have another brand with all the bells and whistles. Some say they do what I do on the side but as we get deeper into discussion it becomes quite apparent that is not the case.

    There was a time that Professional photographers were admired for their work and their photo gear. Digital cameras with auto program modes supposedly make anyone a pro. Having over 24 years of photography experience starting from with the Nikon F2 film camera to my current Cannon DSLR has given me much to look back on and much to appreciate. Having an eye for what you specialize in separates you from your competitors. I am not a wedding photographer and have nothing against this respectful profession. The same is said for the sports photographers of soccer kids, baseball youth leagues ect.

    What I do is what I truly love and specializing in Corporate convention work keeps me focused and helps me bring to my customers the highest quality that should be delivered. You wouldn't hire a wedding planner to cover your conference so why hire a wedding photographer to cover your convention?

    This is my two cents. Have a great week!


    Joseph Rodriguez/Owner

    Professional Images Photography



    Hiring a Event photography company to cover your Christmas or Holiday Party

    As the Holiday Season kicks into high gear, companies small and large have been in the planning phase since early in the year. Christmas and Holiday Party photography will be in high demand and Professional Images photography is ready to provide the very best of what they do.

    Professional Images photography offers a wide variety of photographic services for any size group. Roaming photography to capture the fun and excitement is always the first thing companies want and Joseph Rodriguez’s 20 plus experience always delivers. The images can be put online for the guests to view and order and with choices of packages and Holiday card selections are delivered via postal service.

    Another service is onsite printing photography that provides the ability to print up to 8x10 of the couples with a variety of background choice. The prints are produced in as little as 10 seconds and as long as 30 seconds for 8x10 prints. Many companies are finding this the perfect addition to giving back to their employees.

    Holiday Parties are fast paced and full of many activities to keep guests busy and Professional Images Photography portraits are quick and professionally photographed. Packages are mailed within a week or less of the event to insure guests has plenty of time to mail photos in Christmas and Holiday cards.

    Professional Images photography continues to be the leader in Corporate, Convention and Event Photography. Innovation and thinking outside the box is what makes a company like Professional Images stand out from the other photography crowds. Bookings are filling up fast.


    Crazy is A Compliment

    I came across this video and wanted to share it with you. If you have a break at work or home or wherever and have about 20 minutes. Look at this and listen to her story. To many times we have ideas but we never act on them. I remember when I was in College and wanted to be a lawyer, at least that was what I thought would make me successful and happy because that was all I knew and I had no mentor and my family did not go to college themselves but I wanted to and started out that way.

    First of all I am not saying stop what you are doing right now and do what you love just think how it can happen if you really want to and prepare. Enjoy the Video and tell me your thoughts.

    What would you do if you had another chance to do it over again?


    Photographers Guide: Traveling for Shoots.

    For the past 24 years I can say I have seen more places than my father has in his lifetime and he has traveled quite a bit. I have been fortunate to be hired by so many different companies to cover their meetings or provide Commercial photography. What I learned is that what you prepare for will help you prevent problems and make sure you are ready for that photo assignment.

    Travel is not cheap but we all know that. I remember pre September 11th when I could arrive to the gate in as little as 30 minutes with all my equipment. I could just give my lighting, stands ect to the sky cap and tip well and not worry about weights, lengths and qty of pieces. All that has changed now.

    Here are some proven methods that will help in your travels, oh by the way this easily applys to anyone that travels.


    • Sky caps: These people are really there to help you and want to go out of their way as oppose to the inside where it rush, rush, rush. Before they ask you anything hand them your driver's license with a generous tip.
    • Prepay your luggage: Do you have a credit card that allows you some free luggage?, There are airlines that have annual passes for baggage.
    • Choose the right airline: Southwest give you 2 bags, everyone else charges  but Virgin charges $25 per back up to 10 pieces.
    • Weigh you bags: Your your bathroom scale or use a digital luggage scale.


    • IPAD, IPhone: IPhone's can be a wireless modem, So much cheaper than the hotels and more reliable.
    • Change of Clothes: I remember getting a last minute flight to NY and needing to be at pre shoot meeting later than evening but on arrival my luggage was lost, that was a nightmare.
    • Backpack or roll-on for your gear: This would hold your IPad, Laptop, Camera gear. Quick note: Never, Never have any logos like NIKON, CANON etc, anywhere on your bags. Thieves look for this.

    RENT IT:

    • Rent from a fellow photographer in another city: This not only saves bundle on shipping but all wear an tear on your equipment and that dreaded feeling, "what if does not arrive on time or gets delayed"
    • Hire locally: Finding the crew or assistant through ASMP. Saves on the travel expenses which some clients balk at and they know places and resources you don't.
    • RENTAL HOUSES: Know before you if there is rental house that can supply your lighting if you can't find a local photographer. Make sure you do all the paperwork ahead of time so you won't be delayed plus if you know what you need reserve. I can't tell how many times I have heard fellow photographers tell me they were frantic because when they got to their city, the rental house did not have their gear.

    Okay I rambled enough on this, but know that to be successful you have to prepare for the worst and the best plus today's economy requires all the knowledge to save the most.

    Any questions or suggestions? Leave a comment.

    Joseph Rodriguez, Owner/Professional Images Photography


    New Event Photography Service By Professional Images Photography Creates A Niche Market For The 2011 Convention Season Crowd 

    Professional Images again has created excitement in Nashville, TN with new product creating private websites for convention, conference, and association meetings. Event photography service took place at The Wildhorse Saloon in downtown Nashville, which often is a place for large convention and association groups to have a night of fun and networking and recently Joseph Rodriguez, owner of Professional Images Photography was there with his staff to capture the moment.

    Convention Photography is a specialized style that comes with years of experience in the field and in many different venues, convention centers, hotels and resorts. The idea of having a private website happened when a client wanted not just a site to order photos but a site to have for attendees and guests to upload, share and browse without any restrictions.

    Professional Images Photography listened and worked out a solution that provided created a website that includes an opening page with sponsors logos, group name and date of event and location, a few photos from the meeting and also information for the following year. The following pages included general sessions, breaks, breakout classes, and opening reception, speakers for each day with all detailed in a simple yet well-organized layout by date.

    With the ability for everyone to have access to images from the meetings, this helped drive traffic back to the convention group's website which in turn created more opportunities for renewing membership, browsing site gaining new memberships and branding which more importantly is the foundation to any successful marketing plan.

    It is imperative that groups take advantage of new products in the convention photography field to increase ROI on all levels, and Professional Images Photography continues to provide.

    About Us: Professional Images Photography based in San Antonio, TX traveling nationwide providing convention and event photography services since 1987.