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    What it takes to make a great photo besides a great photographer!

    Since 1987 I have seen many changes in my industry. Film was king back then but then in the early 90's we had to made a change to digital or suffer the economic consequences. I remember my first digital camera it was the Kodak DCS 330 and the cost? $3000.00 for a 3 megapixel.

    It was a challenge to educate my customers back then because many did not have their computers ready to accept digital files. Fast forward to now and everyone has one so with that said I find that our industry is flooded with weekend warriors that "think" they are photographers.

    We had to learn: Photoshop first and foremost. As time went on a whole industry was born just for me :), ok not just for me but for all the Pros out there. Here is a list of software and equipment I use to help me when I am preparing a DVD for you the client. No worries, I love doing it but the learning curve was daunting at times but hey it's my job to deliver you the very best and customer satisfaction is my number 1 concern.

    Ok here is the list:

    • Canon D5
    • Canon 40D
    • Canon Speedlite 580 EX II
    • Metz 54 MX-4i
    • Mac ProBook
    • iMac 27"
    • Flipbooks To Go (This is my new company.
    • 4 desktop PC's
    • 6 Digital printers (I can print from wallet to 8x10 on site at breakneck speed.)
    • Too many backup drives to mention here
    • 4 PC laptops
    • Too many lenses to list here
    • Memory Cards (I have a lot and the inventory keeps growing.)
    • 5 Professional Studio lights sets. (Each set has 2 lights, stands, umbrellas ect.)
    • Green Screen sets. (This allows me to drop in a background while shooting.)
    • Radio Slaves
    • Backgrounds
    • Photoshop
    • Lightroom
    • Apeture
    • iPhoto
    • iWeb
    • Microsoft Entourage
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Parallels ( I am a MAC user but Parallels let you run Microsoft software on a Mac.)
    • Time Machine (This is a backup program so I don't lose any files.)

    Ok are you as tired of read the list as me. Well I stopped hopefully I have not lost you already.


    My point is that I continually improve, add and refine what the industry wants and that takes a lot of time and money. I am here for the long haul so when you look for a photographer I just thought to let you know what some of have and do to make your event a success. Please email me any comments or suggestions. Till next month



    My Review of LabelWriter 400

    Originally submitted at Dymo

    Print labels for envelopes, packages, files and more in seconds, right from your computer. Uses direct thermal printing, so no need for ink toners or other expensive cartridges.

    Desktop Companion!

    By joseph from san antonio, tx on 9/30/2009


    5out of 5

    Pros: Long Lasting, Doesn't Smear, Easy to Use, Easy To Install, Good Value, Deep Blacks

    Cons: Where is the Off button

    Best Uses: Filing, Photos and Graphics

    Occupation:: Business Owner

    Describe Yourself: Quality Oriented

    Primary use: Business

    It's quick to use and efficient.

    I wish it had a Off button.



    Corporate Photography in 2009

    My experience as a Corporate photographer has taught me a lot about customer service and this has helped me become a better person not just for my customers but for all that I interact with.

    I often work with Art Directors, Media executives, Meeting Planners, Catering Managers, Communication Directors and many other titles that would take up too much space.

    This economy has been a trial for many of us. Those that did not prepare for uncertainty will certainly find it uncomfortable now or will be soon out of business.

    Any of the above pretty much describes what I feel is true right now. We have to change the way we think, the way we pursue buisness and pretty much reinvent ourselves to create opportunities.

    I am not a expert in buisness economics but I do know a little so I share what I see, my view is not the same as anyone elses and hopefully this blog will create some thoughts that you can share as well.

    What I hope to accomplish and if anyone has better thoughts please let me know.


    • More phone calls going out than coming in to create business.
    • More emails to current and new prospects.
    • Mailers directed at targeted current and new prospects.
    That's it for today. If you like what I wrote let me know or share your thoughts. I am new to this

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