Do’s and Don’ts “COVID-19” for everyone, everywhere!

March 2020 is the last time I traveled for a Corporate Photography Job. I remember the day perfectly our lives changed in ways I could have not imagined.

Almost a year later and we still are navigating the new normal. COVID-19 has forced us to take drastic actions and have put severe strains on our business. Many name brands shut their doors. The high unemployment rate numbers have impacted our lives.

I have been affected because providing convention photography services nationwide, travel is part of the job. Anyone in the convention industry, meeting industry, conference industry, tradeshow and exhibitor industry have been impacted.

The latest news as of January 21, 2021 is that by the 2nd quarter meetings will come back, slowly. Vaccines are slow to roll out but are coming so it is better news than nothing coming at all.

So, my Do’s and Don’ts so you can be ready for the work to I feel confidant will be ahead of us. Please note: I realize this has been said a lot but I thought to just share again my thoughts here.


Yes, it’s a sentence that have come to be heard more than we care but there’s a reason and by now most know those reasons. I’ve battled a few people (verbally but not too bad) that look at this as silly, government control and so on but here’s the reality.

Flatten the curve: You know the daily numbers we get from our local news, national news. If we can stay at least 6’ or 2 meters away from everyone that we don’t know and yes even those relatives and friends that you see on occasion, this really does help. Working from home for those that are lucky to still have a job know zoom as their best friend or worst enemy but it’s what we have to do. You can also still chat with you friends on the phone, yes, it’s not just for texting or sending photos. Use Zoom to chat as well if you can’t facetime.

If you traveled anywhere, the decent thing, not the right thing to do is quarantine for two weeks. I am sure we all, heck you all know at least one person that doesn’t listen and get infected. This is not a do over, a video game that you can start over.


You can be carrying the virus and not show any signs or feel any symptoms so this works both ways. Someone in that crowd may have it and not know it, some may have it and know it and don’t care. Still, some won’t wear masks at all and the cry to their savior when they get sick. It’s just not worth the risk to you, your loved ones you have to go back home to and if you are the income earner this will devastate your family.

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