Conventions and Tradeshows for 2021, will it really happen this year?

Conventions and Tradeshows, where are we now in this pandemic mess? How can we overcome this challenge? So many questions but really not enough answers to make us feel really confident.

Travel is a bust for this sector as attendees and companies that send them are hesitant.  Many companies may still hold off until 2022 but I am hopeful that by 3rd quarter will bring back some meetings.

Even with the arrive of the COVID-19, vaccine challenges remain. Meetings will be different and probably for years to come.

The Chicago Tribune which wrote that Chicago’s convention Industry is cautiously planning conventions for the second half of 2021.

Around 59 events scheduled here from June 1st to Dec 31st including 39 major events that could draw over 800,000 visitors and over 800,000 hotel room nights this is from the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority that owns the near South Side Venue.

This is just one city, and a good vaccination plan that works for everyone in the United States is needed. We are at the mercy of this mass vaccine distribution  but I understand that there is much to do so I wait patiently and look forward to being a part of what I love and miss. If you are planning a meeting please send your RFP HERE.

I am not taking deposits but will save the date for you and no cancellations fees will be charged if the show is cancelled due to the Virus.

Any thoughts please feel free to share. We are all in this together.

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