Why is getting a Professional Headshot important right now?

Why is getting a Professional Headshot important now? A question that I believe I have some answers and thoughts about.

Well let’s start by stating the different search and keyword names. Consider using these search words when looking for your headshot photography needs.

Suggested KEYWORDS for Headshots

Headshot Photography, Corporate Headshots, Creative Headshots, Executive Portraits, Professional Portraits, Business Portraits, Editorial Portraits and Headshot near me.

Headshots in San Antonio of women in buisness.

Headshot in San Antonio of women in business.

As COVID starts to behind us why get a new headshot?

Well for starters, looking your best on a zoom call is one thing but getting a professional headshot will keep your best look constant in all your social media apps.

Below are some sites for building visibility and connecting. A profile photo is important here and can help you get more followers and potential connections that can lead to employment, a sales lead or even a life long connection.

Top Social Networking Sites to put your headshot photo.

  • Linkedin.com
  • Facebook.com
  • Ziggs.com
  • Ziki.com
  • Nayzm.com

Emails ( Profile photos on emails are just as important.)

Make your emails more personal by putting your headshot portrait under your signature, but if you want to use your photo on your company email, please be sure it is approved in the company rules.

Blog, Press Release or Website

Do you write a blog or newsletter or need it for a press release?

Every blog, newsletter, website and even a press release need a profile photo and the result is that your followers, clients, or visitors will connect with you on a better level than just reading words. Seeing what you look like can make a difference and can really help you increase your subscribers.

Professional Headshot Photograpy of Asian Woman

Professional Headshot

Your professional headshot gives your readers, potential clients, or employers a visual of how confident you are. A disarming look but with confidence is inviting. It opens the conversation or the networking opportunities.

Let me just guess that many of you reading this really don’t like taking headshots. That’s ok but a good Professional headshot Photographer can help you be your best.

My goal as Professional Headshot Photographer is to bring out the very best of the individual and that takes time, sometimes. I say this because most people are uncomfortable in front of the camera.

Stand out with your Professional headshot or Social Media headshot. You are making an investment in you; your brand is your face. When you go to the sites below the first thing you look at is the headshot. Ask yourself how many times you stopped a few more seconds on a headshot.

Buisness headshots for employment prospects!

Many job recruiters look at the profile photo when considering reaching out. What many said was seeing a photo of a candidate influenced their first impression.

Headshots Photogrpahy in San Antonio of young hispanic female

doHeadshot Photography

Do you smile or not smile for your Professional headshot or Buisness Portrait.

You may not like it but your headshot tells a lot about you. A short story if you will. How you smile or don’t smile says a lot about your personality. There are many different smiles to use for your headshot.

Think about it for a moment. We all have the go to smile you know the one you give when someone says smile for the camera. Then there’s the confident smile when meeting a client or interview. Another smile is closed mouth smile because you don’t want your teeth shown but this must be practiced so it doesn’t look posed or forced.

Another closed mouth smile I have seen is also using the eyes to do your smiling while your mouth is closed and looking confident with a very relaxed face with no expression. I can go on with the smiles but I need to stay on topic.

Headshot photography of young white female

Business Headshot

Thinking of being the Do it Yourself Headshot person?

Ok so someone has an iPhone and says, “I can take it and edit it”. Well, that may be true but you won’t get the same quality that a Professional Headshot Photographer can provide.

What a Professional headshot photographer can provide is the years of experience taking professional headshots and the right equipment to get the best-looking photo that no iPhone can come close to. In addition, we can give advice on what to wear, locations in your office or even outside locations if you want to have a more natural setting, if you don’t want to go to the studio. If make up is needed (additional fee), the professional headshot photographer can get you one that knows how to bring out your best. Hairstylists are available for an additional fee as well.

Knowing how to take a good headshot takes years of experience and having the right equipment.

When is a good time to get a headshot?

Anytime is a good time to get a photo to update your profile photo. Yes, it is and as the pandemic wanes (this is my optimist speaking as I like to think positive all the time.) you will want reach to a photographer in your area or google them using the keywords I suggested at the beginning of this post.

Headshot Photography of Black Male

Executive Portrait

Summer in Texas starts officially June 20th but hey, it’s Texas so it summer all the time in my opinion. So, for the rest of the country, summer is another chance to get that tan so it shows on your profile photo.

Create a good headline for your Headshot Photo

So, you got your headshot and now what? Well having a great headline when you have you headshot on your various social media profiles can really boost your views. It can be as simple as your title and company or more. LinkedIn is important to have as your main profile page in comparison to the other social sites. I believe it’s because of the business connections that help you grow your brand, getting recruited for jobs and also create new connections.

Here is my profile photo on LinkedIn and you can see my headline, I added a banner photo. Most social sites have this so take advantage of it. Think of it as adding value to your name and profile photo. Believe it or not, it is the little things that get notice.Linkedin Profile and Headline image example

So, as you can read, there is plenty of good reasons to get your photo taken.If you decide to get your headshot soon, I hope the above helped you in some way. If you want to get more information about my services, please reach out to me at RFP@proimagesphoto.com

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