Photo of Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort and Convention Center

Orlando Convention and Event Photographers is what we are all about.

In addition we provide Conference Photography, Tradeshow and Exhibitor Photography, Onsite Printing Photography at your event or booth to promote or brand your product or service.

Convention Photography of Orange County Convention Center showing Convention Attendees

Orange County Convention Center
©Joseph Rodriguez

If you’re organizing a meeting, event, or convention and need a headshot station for your attendees to update their professional corporate photo, we’ve got you covered. We have all the necessary equipment and experience to help you achieve the perfect shot. We understand how important a strong photo is to your marketing plans and we’ve covered meetings in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas for numerous groups each year. Please don’t hesitate to call us or send your RFP with details of your meeting, convention, or event. Our goal is to help you succeed by providing images that you can use on your social media platforms, marketing materials for the following year, or all year long.


Convention Photography Services

Convention and Conference Photography

All the photos we take from the Opening Reception to the Closing General Session and everything in between are cataloged in folders each day. You’ll always have access to the images in real-time as long as we have access to your Wi-Fi network. However, if by chance there is no access, we will upload them each evening so you’ll have them that night.

All photos are cataloged by day, and each day will have folders of each program or area you assigned to be photographed. Your team will have access to the folders in real-time for your social media team or other staff use.

All image rights are released to you with no additional costs after the show is fully paid for the services. The final deliveries of files can be made by external drive or cloud delivery service.

Tradeshow and Exhibitor Photography

Tradeshows and Exhibitor Photography is another service we offer and with our staff’s background that is Architectural, you know that your images will be their sharpest and your hard work creating your booth will stand out.

Tradeshow and Exhibitor Photography of Google Booth.

Tradeshow and Exhibitor Photography of Google Booth. ©Joseph Rodriguez |

  • Architectural quality Photograhy every-time.
  • Always on time and ready to work hard.
  • Images delivered via cloud delivery which can be wetranfer, google drive or dropbox

Additional photography services for Exhibitors

Onsite Printing Photography that can include

This is a great way to draw attendees to your booth. Each person will receive their photos onsite in real time with a message we can customer make for you and you get all the leads we collect.

Another great way to bring the attendees to your booth. Using the latest software we can send the images using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Text or even email.

Printing a photo onsite is still popular and a great take away. We can print up to 8×10 prints. Whether it is a green screen background or a photo op with a celebrity at your booth, your attendee will love the fast turnaround and you will have a great opportunity to network and collect leads. We also can email the photo as we print with a message.

We are excited that you read this whole page, well I hope you did :) Our goal is your success and since 1987 providing Professional Convention Event Photography nationwide and abroad.

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