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Since 1987 I have been traveling the nation providing Corporate photography and a lot of professional headshot photography as well. Each job to me and my team is important so we listen and really understand your needs.

Professional Corporate Headshot Photography

Professional Corporate Headshot Photography

If you only need your photo taken, we can do that. If you need a whole department, we got you covered there as well. Below is little information of what we offer and if I missed anything send me an email to I will personally call you to listen and answer any questions you have. Customer service is the foundation of what we do.

Below is standard for every headshot photography session.

  • Up to 45 minutes of studio time if one person but happy to adjust times as needed.
  • Number of images can be close to 100 taken.
  • You choose 5 images to have basic retouching of skin & blemishes. (Special retouching will be quoted per job.)
  • Online private gallery of images to be viewed and also you can download them in various sizes.
  • All rights to images released upon full payment of services.

My studio is perfect for professional headshots but if you don’t mind paying for the additional fee for setup on location then it’s your place. Pricing varies by distance, parking fees but we will always tell you in advance.

Here is a checklist of what happens but always ready to customize as needed.


A week’s notice before you arrive to schedule helps to prepare the shoot and send you tips to get your best image when you arrive.


Due to COVID we adhere to strict safety protocols to keep you safe and our staff safe. A lint roller and blotting paper will be on hand for your convenience to use as we must try our best to keep our distance but we can make sure that you look perfect on the photos. We don’t provide full makeup/hair services for corporate shoots and suggest everyone to come prepared. If you still need it, please contact us so we can organize everything for you and send you a price for this service.


Important to know: Clothes should be pressed and clean, try new clothes on before the shoot, we don’t recommend wearing baggy, bulky fitting clothing. Solid colors make a better image and impact on your final photo. Stripe or patten shirts, blouses or jackets are distracting, it’s your facd and great smile they want to see. So bring a smile when you get your photo taken.


Prior to assignment we will let you know what colors we have for backgrounds. If we do not have a color you like please let us know and it will be purchased and added to the final invoice.

  • ARRIVAL TIME (If we go on location.)

Setup is about 60-90 minutes before the shoot if we go to your location to make sure we’re all set and ready to go on time for you.

A couple more things to keep in mind as well when you consider our executive portrait service.

  • RIGHT SPOT IN YOUR OFFICE (If we shoot at your location.)

Prepare a spot in your office for the shoot. An area with no outside lighting is always preferred but, we can work to a point an area and if possible, we would like to scout ahead of time to be sure we have the right space in size and also power is nearby for our lights.


A laptop is used and tethered to the camera and review the photos in real-time to make sure that you got the picture you like and we can mark it for retouching.


Our retouching services include making any necessary adjustments to skin texture, removing any imperfections, adding brightness to teeth, hair editing, outfit adjustments, background corrections.


We can always provide extra options for you, such as candid and group shots, that you can use as marketing materials. Just let us know if anything else is needed.


Turnaround time is usually 5 days but, we can do it faster if you have a specific deadline. We’ll send you a link to download all the digital files.

Below are samples of executive headshots, also happy to show you more if you send me an email to

Thanks again for you time.

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